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Common man views on Tata Nano

(Sizzling Yellow colour of new Nano)

Tata Nano is the most inexpensive car in the world for common man whose primary transportation is a scooter or a 2ND car for a family that live in city

(Colour signifying the drems Nanowill fulfill- Endless like the sky)

Tata Nano is definitely NOT a car for

- someone looking for performance
- someone looking to impress
- someone wanting a car for a Sunday speed trials
- someone looking for a car to take on long drives

(Red colour depicting the passion Of TATA group)

But Tata Nano IS definitely a car for

- someone who dreamt of owing a car but could not afford earlier
- a student who wants to go to tuition instead of a kinetic
- someone with a second hand car
- a house wife who can own the car with her own savings
- someone with a family of 4 on a single scooter

It i not a luxury but it basic functions are enough, just and the need to secure to ride are fulfilled.

( Eco friendly car- Let us paint the earth green)

Impact of Tata Nano on life of common man

- Buying a car is within common man reach, just as we buy an electrical appliance
- Decrease in price of second hand cars
- Huge traffic on roads due to increase in car volume
- Increase in loan on installments for car-Just imagine the low installments one will have to pay??

We can have doubts what impact will Tata Nanomake on lives of common man but undoubtedly it will have a huge impact on life of RATAN TATA !! And will definitely make him more richer!!What do you think can be a new name for Nano? Do post your comments and views here


  1. Garuda says:

    Fuel consumption to be improved upto a Autorick consumption,of 35 Km per litre,use an Aircooled engine,for low maintenance,and reduce the height for reducing the HP of the engine,so that smaller engine,can be used.
    Call it Tata City.
    If you make the above,then,Maruti will not compete with you or it will compete with its plus points of spareparts cheapness,and mechanics,availabel at nook and corner of India,plus it can be a rural,city,or long distance car. It is unbeatable for performance but for present price of 2.25 lakhs.