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The making of TATA Nano

( Ratan Tata with his dream on the Auto Expo in Delhi)

Some facts at a glance

Idea conceived by -Ratan Tata
Cost of deveopment - 1700 crores(Similar to cost incurred in making of Indica)
Manufacturing cost

(excluding dealer margin and taxes)-Rs 65,000 per unit
Development of Design -In house in, India
Time for designing the car -4 years
Team -A team of 150 engineers , everyone below age 28
Biggest hurdle -To make a car cheap car without compromising on design

(Various features where cost cutting was done)

It was no small challenge to conceive , design and build a small car. The design team was at the very start of the process that the car had to look ,feel and drive like a car.
They tried to import parts like body and engine and then assemble them but none of them were economically viable . Therefore they decided to build the engine in -house. They opted for rear engine as it reduces the cost of drive train . A front engine costs for an expensive universal joint
and suspension

(Small car with great looks)

Every aspect was taken into consideration to save money even in hundreds.
But undoubtedly the designing of peoples car is no doubt a history.He has made a new market for cars that never existed in the world.It has not only made Ratan Tata proud but whole of India proud. Do post your comments and views here


  1. SSY Friends says:

    Do not call him only Ratan Tata
    Pl call him Bharat Ratan Tata.
    True Award Awarded by people.
    Not only for making of a car.
    It is for making all Indian confident, that -
    "Yes, We can do it"