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Tata Nano V/S Maruti 800

(Tough Competition)

Kisme hai kitna hai dum?

Suzuki Maruti 800

Maruti 800 has been the ruler on Indian roads for years.With its features of Front-wheel drive, all-aluminum, three cylinder, 33 horsepower, 800 cc undoubtdly Maruti 800 is a tough competitor for Nano. When Maruti 800 hit Indian roads over two decades ago, few could have visualised the manner in which it revolutionised the way we travel by car.Maruti 800 has been a ruler on Indian hearts but the real question lies can Nano overtake Maruti 800 popularity and survivability of the Maruti 800 on Indian roads.
According to Jagdish Khattar, a former head of Maruti 800 manufacturer Maruti Udyog Ltd, says it's too early to say whether the Nano will overtake the original.

"It's a good product but it's still too early to say whether it will overtake the 800 because it caters to a totally new market segment," he said while watching a live telecast of Tata's press conference after unveiling of the Nano.

Tata Nano

The Nano is 3100 mm in length, 8 per cent shorter than the Maruti 800, but the breadth and height of the car tell a different story. The Nano at 1500 mm is 4 per cent wider than the 800 and, at 1600 mm, is 14 per cent taller.
The Tatas also claim the car is 21per cent bigger than an 800 when it comes to inside space.
The engine power of Nano might be weak but it real power lies in its cost-Rs 1,00,000 only.

The real question arise who will have the last laugh Tata or Suzuki ?
The answer is nor Tata or suzuki but they are the buyers who will have the last laugh

Can Nano beat the popularity of Maruti 800. Will Nano be the new ruler on Indian roads?. Do post your comments and views here


  1. prashanth says:

    I feel yes nano will rule m.800 coz the nano top end version gives better milage , features etc compared to m.800 . I myself own a m.800 and plan to switch to the nano top end version .

  2. Custom Writing Services says:

    Actually i have already booked nano car.


  3. prajot says:

    hey guys guess what i have the 800 maruti n ihave also booked the nano so its a win win situation fr me

  4. Kaushik says:

    Guys You can't even compare m800 with nano. the top end version is even better than mALTO.So all those 800 lovers over thr u have lost the race....